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Tracking hops from field to fermenter is a basic premise of quality control.  We (Foothill Hops) have done this on our own hops for years.  However, when we found ourselves harvesting, drying, pelletizing, and/or packaging for others this year, our in house system was insufficient.   To improve our hops management system, we have started work on a form that we will use to track our own and all incoming hops from field to fermenter.   We suggest that as you begin harvest, you create a document that can go with your hops through the complete cycle.   This can be filed as part our your quality management plan. 

We will continue to work on our form ideas here and if anyone has anything to add or questions to ask, please go ahead and edit/annotate this WIKI.  When we have finished the brainstorming, we will create the form, and publish it as a resource for download/standard NeHA grower practice.

Tracking lot number:   Will identify variety, grower, field, date of harvest.

Producer Tracking:
Field ID:

Hops Analysis:
Date of Analysis:
Alpha Acid:
Beta Acid:
% Moisture:
Total Oil:
Oil Profile:

Harvest Tracking:
Harvester Identity:
Harvest Date:
# Harvest Hands: (For billing)
Harvest start time:
Harvest end time:
Harvest weight (wet weight):
% Dry matter:

Dryer Tracking:
Drying Facility Identification:
Drying Start Time:
Drying End Date
Drying End Time:
Dry Weight:
% Moisture:

Process Tracking:
Processer Identification:
Process Lot Number:
Processing Date:
Time to Process: (For billing)
Pellet Temperature:

Packaging Facility Name:

Package Lot Record:

Package Lot # Package Size # of Packages Comments                                               

Sales and Distribution Record:

Customer Identification Date of Sale Package Lot # Number of Packages Comments          
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